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Family Health & Wellness

Here you will find all things related to the health and wellness of you and your children. 

As a nutritionist, plant based coach and energy worker I believe health starts with you and building a strong foundation in yourself means you are setting an amazing example for your children. 

I work with my scientific background of nutritional medicine, my studies with Health Mastery Institue, an amazing plant based health coaching school and my work as a health intuitive/energy worker to help clear energy and give extra insight into any health issues that are arising. Theres really no one hat that I wear more than the other, I utilise all of my skills & knowledge to give you an amazing experience and lifelong tools to live a thriving life with your family. 

I work with, guide and coach anyone who is ready and willing to put in the work to improve their life from "just surviving" to thriving status!

This also means that your children benefit greatly from your changes and we even guide through programs for children to heal from parasites, candida, mood and behaviour issues, emotional trauma and more.

These programs are designed for adults and children in mind and are adjusted according to age. We can also completely tailor make a treatment plan developed specifically for you (and/or your child(ren)) and your health issues.

I look forward to guiding you to a better and healthier life with your family!

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