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The Wellness Nanny 

Welcome to the wellness nanny, where I guide, empower and inspire your children to be the healthy wellness warriors they were born to be. 

While you are out enjoying your night off with your loved ones or a group of friends, or maybe you needed to spend a day working or even just recharging and having some down time, you can be rest assured that your children (and their friends) are well cared for and will be having a very productive time learning how to cook their favourite meals and learning about children's wellness.


As well as cooking we will learn about why we eat certain foods over others, we may have a food swap game to keep things fun, we will learn about labels, how to fuel our bodies for energy, how to make foods taste amazing, how to regulate our emotions with foods and calming mindfulness, how to minimise chemicals and toxins, how to meditate and learning about energy, how to enjoy nature and explore all it has to offer(location dependant) and how to grow our own little seed pots and many, many more topics of interest. 

This service isn't just a babysitter who will come and feed your kids, put the tv on and then ship the kids off to bed. No. It is much more than that! 

This is a full nanny service where your children will have a fun, inspiring and educational experience learning all about cooking, health & wellness. They will be fed, entertained and empowered throughout this unique cooking and wellness experience. Book today for your next outing, get a bunch of friends together and book the service to include your friends children as well. 

***EVERYTHING is gluten free & vegan/plant based***


Pricing is $100 per hour and includes up to 6 children 

$100 / 6 = $16.66 Per child 

So if you have 6 children for the session it will always be $16.66 Per Child, Per Hour. 

For Example....

You can choose to have a 5 hour dinner block from 4pm - 9pm with 6 children and the total per child will be $83.33.

Or You can have a full day of 6 hours 10am - 4pm as part of a homeschool group get together and it would be $100 total per child for the day. 

The fee will always be a flat fee of $100 an hour no matter how many children (Max 6)

WHO AM I....

My experience as a nanny over the past 10 years has had me working for a lot of different families and different ages, I am very experienced with all aged children and also have my daughter who is 4 years old.

I have completed my bachelor of health science and nutritional medicine and also study at HMI in Plant Based Nutrition & Wellness. I have my Blue Card, CPR & First Aid Certificate. 


All that is needed from you and your family is to choose the recipes you would like to focus on and to provide all of the ingredients (there will be some hard to get ingredients that I will provide), everything else is provided by me (aprons, chef hats, Thermomix, blender, utensils, seed pots, recipe handouts, worksheets, games, any other props and themed games for the session). 

Some recipes we have cooked previously is:

* Vegan Sausage Rolls 

* Gluten Free Pizzas

* Gluten Free Vegan Dumplings & Sauce 

* Rice Paper Rolls 

* Pad Thai 

* Gluten Free Pasta

* Bread Making

* Roast Veggie Salad

* Choc Chip Cookines

* Chocolate Brownies 

* Banana Bread Muffins 

* Chia Puddings 

* Smoothie Bowls 

* Avocado Choc Mousse

* Cupcakes

And Many More! 


  • The service is for children who have basic kitchen skills such as stirring, tipping, measuring with help. 4 years of age seems to be the age that comprehension of recipes is ok and they can be assisted with cooking and the attention spans are a little longer. If children are any younger it will take away from the rest of the group (If it is just a sibling duo then we can make an exception, message me and we can chat about how you would like the session to go).

  • All ages above 4 are welcome, I tailor the classes to include all experience levels and will make sure everyone has something to do and is challenged. 

  • When booking, a deposit is required of $200 and the remaining amount to be paid on the day either in cash or by credit card (EFT) to lock in your session. All bookings require a minimum of two hours to be booked. 

Nothing to book right now. Check back soon.
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