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Plum Cake

About Kids Creative Kitchen

Choosing Health & Happiness

Kids Creative Kitchen is a family run, plant-based, health and nutrition cooking school. We are dedicated to inspiring children to learn about their health, the reason why we eat organic plant based foods and how we can make food fun and exciting on a daily basis.

We love fussy eaters and children who just won't eat a vegetable if their life depended on it. We can promise you, once they've had a few sessions with us they will start to look at food differently and will want to start making their own meals and snacks at home.

Our classes and workshops aren't just a one off, the skills and knowledge the children will learn in these classes will stay with them forever and hopefully will influence the rest of the family to have more of a healthy lifestyle.

If this is something you've been looking for then book in for a workshop today, not sure which one? Let us know and we can point you the right direction.

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