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Kids Dinner Classics

55 Page Recipe Book

All our dinner classics in one recipe book. We have cooked these recipes in our dinner classes over the last year and have tried and tested each and every recipe with the family, loved by all! 

This ebook comes with a bonus plant based family health and wellness guide as well as some bonus tips on cooking with your children and setting them up for success and much more! 

We have over 20 yummy plant based and gluten free recipes for your whole family. There is even some bonus dessert recipes to try for after dinner or to have as a mid morning snack. 

If you would like to pre order today, please click below. Expected delivery of this ebook will be Mid April 2021. 

I know you will love these recipes as much as we have, I cant wait to see what you decide to make and create. 

If you pre order today here is what you'll get:

  • A 15+ page guide on eating plant based with your family

  • Tips on how to empower your child in the kitchen

  • The why's behind kids cooking in the kitchen 

  • 20+ Plant based, gluten free recipes 

  • Bonus Dessert/Snack recipes 

  • Free email guidance for any substitutes or family health and plant based questions. 


Grab your copy today for a healthier and happier family! Get your kids to cook you dinner with these easy to understand recipes. 

White Minimalist Ice Cream Recipe eBook

Kids Kitchen Basics

A How-To Kitchen & Cooking Guide For Children Of All Ages

This ebook is all about learning the basics in the kitchen. Most children have cooked a few things on their own but do they know how to properly cut an onion without slicing their finger tips? Or do they know how long the rice needs to stay on? Or would they know what to do if the stove caught on fire?

This ebook will be an amazing resource as well as a fantastic safety guide. 

  • It will show your children the right way to cut, slice, dice, grate, chop and how to use knives safely. 

  • It will go through all the basic measurements for dry and liquid and cooking temperature and times. 

  • Your children will discover how different tastes and textures can be combined in meals

  • You child will also develop a keen eye for different herbs and spices and even how to care for them in their own little at home garden plot. 

  • Basics of making gluten free bread and baking different desserts and how to get them perfect and a trouble shooting guide for when our baking treats fail and how to fix them for next time.

  • Basics of cooking with plant based foods

  • Basics of nutrition, health and wellness when eating plant based

This ebook will be your whole families go to guide, easily divided into different chapters so you can find what you're looking for easily. Your children will be cooking and creating on their own in no time. This guide will help them feel confident enough to branch out asn start making their own recipes. 

This ebook is currently on pre order and due to be launched 30th April 2021. Buy now to secure your pre order. Ring binder versions will also be available. 

Pink Circle Cake Recipe eBook Cover.jpg

Divine Desserts

All Our Beautiful Plant Based Sweets & Treats in One Book! 

Divine Desserts is our sweet, sweet, sweet pride and joy. I'm a lover of making and creating sweet treats and baking up a storm so this book really puts all my favourites in one place. 

When you purchase Divine Desserts you will receive:

  • A recipe book full of 20+ Plant based & gluten free recipes. 

  • Tips on plating and serving up your sweet treats in a pretty way. 

  • How to store your desserts 

  • How to make gluten free desserts taste amazing and our trouble shooting guide for when things don't turn out so well. 

  • A cheat sheet for ingredient substitutions

  • Tips on what flavours and textures work well in a dish.

  • Tips for decorating, piping and vegan buttercream.

  • BONUS: Making your birthday cake pop! Tips, ideas and fun bonus additions for your cake. 

  • BONUS: Email access for any questions on desserts or cake decorating. 

  • BONUS: Raw treats recipes

Grab your copy now!

Pre-order is available if you'd like to get inline to get a copy as soon as it is launched. Expected 30th April 2021. 

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