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Kids Creative Kitchen Presents

A 12 Week Online Course for Parents Who Want A Healthier Life With Their Children

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Hello & Welcome 

I am Rebecca and I created Kids Creative Kitchen to inspire children to create their own plant based meals, to help their imaginations develop and to unlock their creative flare for turning beautiful fresh living foods into their favourite meals. 


I started to notice that mums and dads were also wanting to know more about healthy living, plant based foods and how they can incorporate that into their daily lives. So I created this program to educate parents and help empower them with the knowledge on how to live a life full of health and happiness with their children. 


So, I believe this program has all of that and more. We cover everything from healthy living foods to toxins in the home, to toxins in your food to how we need to heal from the inside out, body, mind & soul, to truly benefit from the amazing food we put into our bodies.


I believe that healing in all three areas brings you to a place of harmony, health and happiness and you then are able to guide and demonstrate to your children what a healthy, healing parent looks like so as to set them up for a lifetime of thriving. 


Our children are our number one priority and if thats something that triggers something in you and you question if that

statement is really true then this program could be just what you're looking for.


You will need to be open and ready to transform and be open to start healing more than your physical body for the program to be something of value to you. 

If this sounds like its too hard or you are not ready to dig deep then thats ok too, you can come back another time when you're ready, if it resonates at a later date. 

This program wont be for everyone, you need to feel into it and see if you are a yes yes yes! If it's a no, thats totally fine, there will be someone out there for you that will have what your soul is looking for. 

Read on to see what we will be including and how its going to assist you in becoming a thriving, energised, plant based parent! Healing your body, mind & soul will have a huge effect on you and your family, let the journey begin! 

Feeling Overwhelm With All The

Health Information Out There?

Navigating health these days is so tiring, frustrating and just time consuming.


Who do you believe?

Who is right?

How do you know when you've found good information? 

It is challenging! I wont lie. 

I have done so much research over the years on the best way to eat and live and i'm happy to say I have finally found the answer.


I can save you all those years of research, studying a degree and time consuming scrolling of websites, journals, studies and reading of books.


This program will give you everything you need to live a life that is joyous, healthy, abundant and harmonious, and not just for you but for your whole family


I also pull from many of my own experiences of living this way with my daughter and can tell you first hand that what you will learn in this course really works like it has for us, you will find your own rhythm and what works really well for you but the program will give you many different tools and techniques so you can choose what works for you

As a minimum, you will learn about health and nutrition for you and your family and gain some beautiful child-friendly(and tested) recipes. For maximum learning and change, well that part is up to you, if you're ready to dive in I will be here to guide you through all aspects of health for body, mind & soul for you and your children. 

Click below if you're ready to make a change. 

Living & Thriving Are Two Different Things
  • Do you feel like you are always running on empty?

  • Is there a disconnect within the family and it has just become the "norm" now? 

  • Do your children have unusual behaviours such as moodiness and outburst and you just cant figure out why?

  • Is there a lack of motivation in your home? 

  • Do you wish you had a game plan to follow that gave you exactly what you needed to be thriving and to feel energised

  • Would you love to eat more plant based or completely transition over to plant based with the family but you get push back from them?

  • Is there fussy eaters in the family and you've ended up cooking many different meals just to please everyone? Are you ready to change this? 

  • Have you heard about toxins in the home and in our diets but found it too overwhelming to look into, therefore have put it in the "too hard basket"?

Beauty Tips and Skincare Instagram Story

Our Course Comes in Two Parts:


- Part One - Healthy Body

- Part Two - Healthy Mind & Soul 


Each module is jam packed with information via video/zoom/Mp3 and printouts with actionable activities you can start on straight away. 

Our live 12 week course starts 31st May 2021. Only 12 spots available so get in quick and grab your spot and transform your life and the lifestyle of your family. 

Whats included:

  • 12 Weekly group coaching calls. 

  • 2 X 1:1 Private coaching calls 

  • Weekly content, handouts and implementation exercises. 

  • Email access 24/7 for all questions 

  • Facebook group access


Cost $1110 up front payment


3 X Monthly payments of $390 

Just imagine......

Having a calm household

Kids are happy, not hyper, not having sugar crashes

They are enjoying food, exploring new foods, textures and tastes. They may even be helping out in the kitchen.

You aren't being triggered as much as you were and you are able to have some much needed you time without the kids at your feet every 5 seconds. 


Your relationships have more connectedness and less of a dread feeling.


You are feeling free and elated and you have a sense of direction now.


You love spending time with your children because you've carved out time for you and them. 


You know how to set your boundaries and lovingly uphold them. 


Your purpose is clear, you have the tools to set up you & your families health goals and reassess when needed. 


You understand the importance of real food and how it affects your body and your children bodies. 


You and your family are thriving instead of surviving and you couldn't feel better! Life is amazing!!! 


Your transformation has begun and you couldn't be happier and your family sees the change and enjoys the new meals and techniques you've brought into the home. 


The house feels lighter, cleaner and less toxic, you know how to read food labels and what to cut out to live healthier and toxin free, you know better so you buy better. 


Those random symptoms that always pop up to do with skin, or gut or mood suddenly all disappear. 


You know how to heal yourself when you are ill or feel rundown. You know how to take care of your family with amazing living food and herbs. 


You learn simple routines and mind techniques to bring calm and happiness across all aspects of your lives.

Really you've got nothing to lose with going through this transformational program and you gain many, many, MANY years of happiness, health and harmony in your family! 

You will be guided the whole way through this program, from how to kit your kitchen out with the least amount of toxins to how to develop your taste for healthy foods to unlocking the door to healing your core wounds and in turn creating a better life for you and your family. 

Jump on board and lets get you started on this incredible journey of self discovery, empowerment and knowledge. Learn how to heal, be happy and healthy. 

Sign up below...

See you soon! 

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