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Kids Creative Kitchen

ONLINE Plant Based Health & Cooking Classes
For The Whole Family

Term 4 Classes 2022

Hello lovely mummas and papas and budding chefs! 

Australian school holidays is upon us which means finding things for the kids to do during the day over the school holidays. 

Well, I have you covered! 

Every day I will be putting up a class on a basic recipe that the kids can almost do by themselves. 

The classes will be prerecorded and loaded up each day at 9am so your child can start the day using their brains, learning some new skills and cooking the family some yummy food for breakfast or brunch.

If you'd like to be a part of the school holiday fun then click on classes and join the 1 week 'Recipe a Day' Challenge. Only costs $39 for the whole 7 days and you'll also be able to join the pop up Facebook group for any questions or queries and as well as show off the amazing meals! More food photos the better! PRIZES for the person who completes the challenge and receives the most points!

Family Preparing Dinner

Classes For Parents

A Healthy Family Starts With You 

Do you sometimes feel like your family could be healthier but you just don't know where to start? 


Does researching health just make you want to put health in the "too hard basket"?


Do you see that your family's health needs an overhaul but you don't know where to begin? 

At Kids Creative Kitchen we are all about fun, creativeness and learning new skills and techniques but there comes a time when we need to get serious (just a little) and look at our health with a new perspective and really dig deep and ask ourselves, "is what we are doing, right now, working? Is its really working for us? Are we all happy, healthy and is there a sense of harmony in the home? If the answer is no then come and join one of our online health classes. 

We will be learning all about plant based eating, juicing, cleansing, best meals to eat when transitioning from meat, low carb, keto or whatever lifestyle your following. 

We will talk about the importance of eating a diet full of plants, nuts, seeds, legumes and whole grains, and how foods can affect you and your children's health in a detrimental way. We will look at why dairy and meat really isn't healthy, we will look at sugar and processed foods. We will learn about labels and what to look out for and much much more. Join us every week for a new topic. We will have a live webinar where you will be able to ask questions as we go along. See our next class under our classes tab or the button below. See you soon!


Why Choose Our Classes?

Herbs and Condiment
Image by Sharon McCutcheon

Qualified Nutritionist & Family Health Coach

Rebecca has created Kids Creative Kitchen out of a love and passion for cooking beautiful looking food that also tastes amazing and the love of working with children & their parents. 

Throughout the last 10 years she has completed a bachelor of health science in nutritional medicine, studies at Health Mastery Institute , the only plant based health coaching school and has worked wth children most of her life in varying roles. She also has her own online health coaching business, specialising in family health & wellness. Intuitive Health & Wellness


Health & Happiness

Combining these two things means that we can have our cake and eat it too. I love creating recipes that are fun, inspiring, healthy and super tasty. We don't always follow the rules so we do sometimes add a little coconut sugar and maple syrup but we definitely do keep everything plant based and gluten free and as low sugar as we can. We also definitely stay away from processed sugars, preservatives and chemicals. 

Making healthy fun and exciting is a great way to start kids off on the right foot. 

Added Extras

Depending on which class or demonstration you book, we always have little added extras. 

Our in person classes receive their own apron, hats, recipe folders and little seeds to start at home. Our birthdays will receive lots of party sprinkles and colourful themed party additions. 

If you require anything in particular for your group or class just let me know, always happy to add that extra sparkle to brighten a Childs day. 

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